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Attracting Customers With Commercial Landscaping

Attracting Customers with Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping Trends that Attract Buyers and Shoppers

According to a survey conducted by Big Commerce, 51 percent of Americans prefer to shop online than in-store. Of this number, 67 percent are Millennials, and 56 percent are Gen Xers.

As a growing number of shoppers choose to hit the couch instead of hopping in the car to head to stores, retailers need to be more creative about attracting buyers now more than ever.

The right commercial landscaping can help. Landscaping is the first thing your shoppers will notice when they come to your store. It’s your chance to make a great first impression and set the tone for their visit, so it pays to give some extra attention to making your retail site beautiful and welcoming.

Here are some landscaping trends that will take shoppers away from their mobile phones and bring them into your store:

Mimicking the Feel of a Park

The goal for any retailer should be to create a space that will make customers want to linger and relax. The more time they spend in your store, the more likely they are to make a purchase or book a service.

When people are comfortable, they tend to stay somewhere longer. Transform an otherwise barren area of grass into an inviting oasis. Install a patio complete with benches for comfortable seating. Offer a cozy space to plop down their shopping bags by putting out a few tables with umbrellas and surrounding them with plants. Customize your planters by painting them shades of blue or green, as these colors are known to have a relaxing effect on people.

If your target market is families with kids, consider a splash pool or small play area.

Creating Pleasant Views

If your restaurant has an extra space for an al fresco area, make the most of it. Bring in large, visually appealing planters with intriguing plants. Install cascading fountains and soft lighting to create a comforting mood.

Unless you’re going for an eclectic look, you will want uniformity in your landscaping design. If the goal is to attract customers to your store, use the same plant throughout and use the same colors and designs for planters. Our Herb Trough Planters come as a set of two making it easy to create a perfectly cohesive look.

Incorporating a Tropical Feel

Large containers of exotic plants lend a vacation feel to a retail space. Your shoppers feel like they’re off to shop in an exotic location even if they’re only buying new dish towels. To create a tropical look, add palms, variegated ginger, and other tropical plants. Use planters in summery colors such as green, yellow or orange, if your overall store design permits it. You may also get creative and paint your planter in fun, summer-themed designs such as flamingoes or pineapples.

Bringing in More Shoppers with PolyStone Planters

Usher shoppers in with a bit of help from PolyStone Planters. We carry a variety of beautiful planters that can add interest to any landscaping design. Our products are made carefully by hand and provide the durability of cast stone without the weight. Every one of our planters comes with a 10-year warranty and are created to withstand harsh weather conditions.

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