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The Best Lightweight Planters For Your Project

The Best Lightweight Planters for Your Project

Container gardening is a welcome addition to any commercial or residential outdoor space. For small urban rooftops, rocky areas, or elevated gardens where the ground is uncooperative, planters are sometimes the only option.

In recent years, lightweight planters have become the go-to choice for property managers and business owners.  Not only are they versatile and low-maintenance, but you also can rearrange them without breaking a sweat. They also come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes.

Lightweight Planters: Why Finding the Right Design and Material Matters

Planters give hotels a more comfortable atmosphere, transform barren rooftops into urban sanctuaries, and make a lasting impression on customers and passers-by. But they can give you headaches and additional costs if you choose the wrong design or material.

As an asset to your business, it pays to choose a product that gives the most value for your dollar for many years.

The Look and Feel of Stone Without the Weight

Today’s methods of production have introduced diverse patterns, textures, and colors that mimic planters made of natural materials like stone and clay. Most lightweight varieties are made of resin or fiberglass, sometimes in combination with natural materials to achieve the desired appearance and strength.

Architectural foam, the material of choice for our light lightweight planters, is made using a special composite blend. The great thing about architectural foam is that you can deliver an exact replica of the look you want, be it stone or stucco, and make both classic and modern looking planters.

Architectural foam also excels in terms of durability and resilience. A truly durable planter has a strong inner core, a protective layer of polyurethane at the center, and an indestructible outer shell. This manufacturing process results in an attractive product that can withstand impact and the elements.

In addition to architectural foam, fiberglass is also a resilient and eco-friendly choice. Its clean and simple aesthetic can complement various design styles, from traditional to contemporary. Fiberglass planters are crafted to be versatile and durable, so they evolve with the space over time. It’s best to avoid plastic planters as they tend to become brittle and break due to sudden temperature changes.

Year-Round Planting with PolyStone Planters

While it’s ideal to change your plant choices over one growing season, depending on your preference or the climate, it’s not practical to replace your planters often. You’ll need planters that can stay outside and stand against up against extreme weather.

A product that holds up to fluctuating temperatures is what you need. Our PolyStone Planters excel in this aspect, as they offer UV protection, salt- and corrosion-resistance, and insulation. Unlike clay, ceramic or wood box planters, our products allow for all-season outdoor planting, all while enhancing your landscape design.

Whether you’re designing a private Japanese-inspired garden or landscaping for a commercial complex, our planters will blend effortlessly with your chosen aesthetic. From small, discreet herb troughs to big planters for impressive plantings, your options are numerous.

Lightweight planters have made gardening and landscaping in crowded urban areas an exciting possibility. Our handcrafted planters have become a mainstay in commercial establishments and residential properties across the country!

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