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 Creating A Green Urban Hotel Courtyard

 Creating a Green Urban Hotel Courtyard

Courtyards continue to allow urban spaces to achieve a seamless transition and flow from the indoors to the outdoors. Unfortunately, many urban dwellers are saddened by the spatial limitations that come with staying or living in an urban area. When creating an urban hotel courtyard, it is important that you bring the outdoors in and give guests a break from the grey buildings and sidewalks by incorporating a variety of potted plants.

Spaces that Wow: Designing an Urban Hotel Courtyard

Designers have blessed us with an open secret: space is not really an issue when it comes to building and designing a courtyard. Despite the limited space in most urban settings, you can still create a green oasis.

Using a Small Corner for Privacy

You do not have to have a fence or a hedge to create a secluded area. You can construct a makeshift ledge using a low brick wall that you can use to place planters and pots at eye level. To achieve a green screen of privacy, line your ledge with ferns and other “lacy” flora.

To create the illusion of size and space, create layers in your courtyard by using plants of various shapes, colors, and textures. Let them overlap and create a beautiful natural backdrop that will visually broaden your space.

Aim for Informal Patterns and Stylesswimming-pool-courtyard

In an urban setting, everything can look the same – from the apartment complexes to the commercial buildings. So when you are designing your urban courtyard, forget symmetry.

Take inspiration from the design principles of informal cottage gardens, which are mainly asymmetrical and filled with natural growth. Mix and match pots and planters however you like and do not focus too much on creating a strict pattern or grouping the same plants together.

Deck Out the Courtyard with Appropriate Furniture

Even a small urban courtyard can have room for furniture – portable, flexible furniture, that is. Deck out your courtyard with small furnishings like love seats, tables, and chairs that you can easily move around and pack up. Adding furniture to your hotel courtyard not only allows your guests to relax but also adds to the seclusion, privacy, and definition of the courtyard.

Pot Your Plants

Finally, put your plants in pots. Living in an urban setting may rid you of the luxury of having an expansive garden bed that becomes damp during rainy weather. Putting your plants in a pot allows moisture to be absorbed faster. This way, you can avoid the risk of your plant roots rotting.

Custom Lightweight Planters from PolyStone Planters

Adorn your courtyard with lightweight, reliable garden planters from PolyStone Planters. If you are looking for an easy way to spruce up your courtyard, try some of our custom, lightweight garden planters. That are easy to lift and move, so it is easy to set up your courtyard the way you want it. Our planter boxes are specifically made to make landscaping more pleasurable and convenient for both professional and amateur landscapers.

Our stone-like planters are made from innovative materials that are resistant to mold, mildew, and stains. All planters come with a 10-year warranty for your peace of mind. Click below to learn more about creating custom garden planters for your hotel courtyard; we can’t wait to hear your ideas!

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