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Hotel Landscaping: Water Features, Plants And Fire Pits

Hotel Landscaping: Water Features, Plants and Fire Pits

PolyStone Planters are an ideal way to landscape around any hotel. Our planters can be customized with your establishment’s logo, colors, or decor style which makes them very versatile. With the use of potted plants, you can create a welcoming ambiance for guests.

Create Aesthetic Hotel Landscaping

Our large commercial planters can be used to exemplify your hotel’s entrance, courtyard, or pool area. They change any location from a typical hotel space into a fun space filled with fauna. Skillfully positioned pots also function as critical space delineators, helping with traffic and privacy control. You can flank a lobby seating area to create a conversation space, distinguish walkways, and section off the guest registration area through the use of specially positioned planters.

Poolside Planters and Water Features

PolyStone Planters are ideal for adding visual interest around pools, fountains, small waterfalls, and other water features that people tend to congregate around. You can strategically place your plants in areas that need a little extra shade so your guests stay cool while they hang out by the pool. Remember, you want to create an atmosphere of relaxation and recreation for your guests so they will want to return time and time again.

Potted plants that create a lush appearance:

  • Deer grass
  • Banana trees
  • Various palm trees
  • Mexican blue palm
  • Leyland cypress
  • Petunias
  • Pampas Grass
  • Ferns
  • Desert lavender
  • Fortnight lily
  • Blackfoot daisy
  • Bird of paradise
  • Bamboo
  • Peace Lily

Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Many hotels are now offering outdoor fireplaces or fire pits to encourage their guests to relax after the sun sets. Potted plants allow you to decorate the seating areas and walkways leading up to the fireplace. Careful placement can obscure the firelight from neighboring business or other areas of the hotel to create a private glowing oasis. Remember not to place your PolyStone Planters™ too close to the flame.

Customized Branding and Coloration

Customized branding is an ideal way to advertise your hotel through landscaping. Our planters come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit the design requirements you might have. With the look of upscale cast stone, our planters remain lightweight enough to move around so you can find the perfect spot for them to call home. We offer standard or custom colors. If you would like a custom paint job, let us know the four-digit Sherwin-Williams color code, and we will take care of the rest. Many hotels opt to have their planters painted in the company colors to match the business and promote the hotel’s brand readily.

Why Our Planters Stand Out

Here are just a few reasons why are planters stand out from the rest:

  • 10-year warranty
  • Insulated core to protect plants from weather extremes
  • Stands up to weather extremes of -30 to +150 degrees Fahrenheit
  • UV protected
  • The entire planter is mildew, stain, and mold resistant
  • Ideal for coastal regions where sea salt can be a problem
  • Drainage holes built-in
  • Environmentally friendly with no harmful solvents
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