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Pool-Friendly Garden Landscaping: 6 Plants To Use

Pool-Friendly Garden Landscaping: 6 Plants to Use

Swimming pools offer fun and relief from the summer heat. A plain-looking pool right smack in the middle of the yard, however, provides little in terms of landscaping charm.

Where Water and Greenery Meet: Achieving Pool-Friendly Garden Landscaping

The good news is you can turn this situation around by introducing some greenery around your swimming pool. By doing so, you boost your property’s curb appeal and add to your everyday enjoyment of your backyard.

Plants to Add Around Your Pool


Plants grown around a pool offer privacy, add visual interest and turn your backyard into a relaxing oasis. If you’re going to introduce flora to your pool area, selecting the right plants is the key. You need plants that will survive and thrive.

Some of the beautiful, low-maintenance poolside plants you should consider include:

Banana Trees – Banana trees instantly creates a tropical feel, thanks to its oversized leaves. If you’re thinking about growing a few of these large, beautiful plants, place them on a sunny but sheltered spot. You can also put them with other plants for added protection, as the wind can easily tatter the tree’s lush leaves.

Palm Trees – Similar to the banana tree, palm trees offer a strong vertical element to your backyard. Some palm trees can reach colossal heights. They can stand about 32 to 50 feet tall, on average. If you want to plant this type of tree, be sure to take into account the overall scale of your yard.

Ornamental Grasses – The good thing about ornamental grasses is that they can fill in a lot of space and require minimal maintenance. At an aesthetic level, they help cover areas not occupied by eye-catching plants or trees. A few of the best ornamental grass you should look for are blue fescue, feather, Japanese forest, yellow foxtail, and lemongrass.

Agave – This bold beauty grows up to five feet tall, requires minimal care and water, offers a strong accent, and appears attractive when surrounded by other succulents like low-growing sedums and aeoniums. If you are going to introduce this flora around a pool, avoid species with thorns, needles, or spines.

Passion Flower Vines – These plants produce some of the most exotic-looking and ornate flowers of any vine species. They grow to more than 20 feet and come in a range of colors, including white, orange, pink, red, blue, and purple. Additionally, their lack of leaf litter and lush foliage are great for covering a poolside fence or pergola. Taking care of these plants is a cinch, as they have minimal maintenance requirements.

Citronella – This versatile and low-maintenance plant does more than add texture to your yard. Its scent serves as a natural mosquito repellent. If you want flora that’s both visually pleasing and functional, make citronella your top choice.

If you want to introduce pool-friendly garden landscaping in your backyard, why not put your plants in easy to move, lightweight PolyStone Planters™? Our products are weatherproof, UV-protected, and tough, which means they’ll last for years to come.

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