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Large Outdoor Planters That Last

Large Outdoor Planters That Last

Whether they are near the entrance or in the lobby of the property, nearly every commercial building, hotel, or apartment complex you visit today has some variation of accent pottery with plants. Planters have become the optimal choice to exemplify a tasteful design indoors and out. With a skillfully placed planter from the PolyStone Planters collection, you can create a space to be as functional, decorative, or distinguished as you’d like, no matter the location. Our selection has something to offer for any space.

The PolyStone Planters Promise

When PolyStone Planters entered the planter business, we aimed to solve many of the common planter problems on the market. Made in Kansas City, all of PolyStone’s materials are handmade with the utmost attention to detail and are free of any harmful solvents.

PolyStone Planters are designed to last for years and with a ten-year limited warranty, ten-year frost warranty, and five-year no fade warranty, we have specifically designed our planters to resolve many of the common issues that have affected most of the other planters on the market. While our planters may look like cast stone, they never crack, become brittle, or break down over time. They are lightweight and can be moved easily without fear of dropping or damaging them.

With EPS insulated cores, our planters protect roots from temperature fluctuations from -30* up to +150* F and our UV protection coat eliminates all possibilities of embrittlement and color fading. Our planters are also mold, mildew, and stain resistant, making them perfect for coastal areas with sea salt spray.

Custom Colors and Designs

Enhance the beauty of your business and the life around it with any variation of our unique planters by choosing from our standard color choices, including concrete grey, white, red clay, urban bronze, dark brown, black, and greenery. PolyStone Planters come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, varying from short, tall, round, square, or rectangular trough planters. Whether you’re a designer, landscaper, or an architect, we can build beautifully customized lightweight planters specific your needs.

If you cannot find a color that you like, we can match any Sherwin-Williams paint color. Just give us your four-digit paint code, and we will take care of the rest!

When designing a commercial space with a specific image in mind, you want to be able to provide an elegant and consistent brand while also establishing a comfortable and stylish atmosphere. With the help of our planters, you can bring any commercial or residential space to life and our entire collection is uniquely designed to meet your needs. The possibilities are endless with PolyStone Planters, your partner for premier planters, and we encourage you to buy one and see the advantages of our planters for yourself.

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