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Poolside Plants: Making An Oasis For Hotel Guests

Poolside Plants: Making an Oasis for Hotel Guests

If you own or manage a hotel, you probably know that the quality of the pool can be a huge decision maker when prospective guests are choosing which hotel they stay in. They want a calming pool area where they can relax and unwind. Studies have shown that flowers and ornamental plants increase levels of positive energy that help people feel secure, relaxed, and happy. Our goal today is to help you turn your hotel pool into a luxurious, relaxing space for guests with the help of poolside plants!

Types of Plants to Set Poolside

Some plants will hold up poolside better than others. Here is a short list of fauna that will add color, texture, and style to your pool space.

  • Deer grass
  • Mexican blue palm
  • Desert lavender
  • Fortnight lily
  • Blackfoot daisy
  • Bird of paradise

Pick Your Poolside Planters

Picking the correct planters to put next to your hotel’s pool is almost more important than picking vegetation. You want planters that will last and stay on brand with your hotel’s overall aesthetic. There are a few very important things to consider.

Planter Durability

PolyStone Planters™ are tough and made to last. They stand up to year-round outdoor exposure from – 30-degree temperatures up to +150 degree temperatures and the insulated core protects the roots of plants from temperature fluctuations. Our PolyStone Planter™ material is environmentally friendly and uses no harmful solvents, so you don’t have to worry about updating to something “safer” in the future.

We apply a UV protection coat to prevent color from fading and eliminate embrittlement. Planters stand up to sea salt spray and are mold, mildew and stain resistant. We also offer a 10-year warranty on all our planters.

Planter Types

All of our planters look like real stone but have the advantage of being lightweight. Our planters are available in five designs and six designer colors, from classic neutrals like Concrete Grey to statement colors like our neon avocado-toned green. All these options allow you to mix and match to achieve the look you want for your poolside area. If you change your hotel’s color scheme and decor over time, our planters can be repainted to keep up with you.

Surround the edges of your pool with ferns in square planters, accent with tropical flowers in round planters, and section the pool area from the hot tub area with a line of trough planters filled with colorful gravel and succulents. This is only a starting point; we will discuss plant placement in a moment. We can also customize a planter to perfectly fit your aesthetic.

Customization Options

We can customize to your shape, size and color specifications, and add design elements like a hotel logo. Don’t know exactly what you’re looking for? Send us the measurements of the space you’re working with and any information you have about what you want the result to be, and we’ll send back drawing and color samples. Once you approve the design, we’ll put your project in production and deliver it to your hotel, usually within 2-4 weeks.

Click Here to Learn More About Our Custom Planters

Poolside Plant Placement

The main thing you want to keep in mind when figuring out where to put your new plants is to keep walkways clear. You want to make sure you are not inconveniencing your guests, their relaxing day at the pool can go downhill if they are getting hit in the face with a palm frond everytime they want to leave their chair and take a dip or use the restroom. Click here to view an example of correct plant placement.

Having a pool that draws guests to your hotel is an asset that will pay for itself 10x over if you make the right choices to create an ambiance that they cannot resist. There are many ways to do this, but plants combined with the right planters is a great place to start.

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