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Custom Lightweight Garden Planters

With our PolyStone Planters™, you can have beautiful, stone-like garden planters without the back-breaking weight. And what's even better is that we build planters to your specifications.

PolyStone Planters™ Won’t Weigh You Down

Our custom garden planters, hand-crafted to your specifications, are perfect for designers, landscapers, architects, and even homeowners who want an easy way to spruce up their backyard or garden. With our planters, there will be no more strenuous lifting and hauling. You can easily move them from one place to another until you find that perfect spot.
Lightweight and customized, our planter boxes bring convenience to your project and could help you finish your job successfully on time, every time.

PolyStone Planters™ Can Last for Years

Our custom planter boxes are a smart choice, especially if you’re looking for durability. We build our products with the utmost attention to detail to make sure they last, giving your (or your client’s) garden a gorgeous look for years to come.

Also, our planters are resistant to mold, mildew, and stains, thanks to the innovative materials that we use. Our product can withstand the toughest temperatures and environmental conditions. Still, we offer a 10-year warranty for each planter; so, should you run into an issue, you can count on us to fix it right away.

For planters that are lightweight, durable, and uniquely designed, PolyStone Planters™ is the company you can trust. We can place your logo or personal designs directly onto your planter, and paint it to suit your specifications. Just tell us what you need, and we’d be happy to help.

We can custom build beautiful lightweight planters to your specifications. To order, please call 913-980-0255.
Perfect for designers, landscapers, architects
Durable and lightweight
Mold, mildew, stain resistant
Stands up to extreme outdoor temperatures
Includes drainage holes/exit channels
Made in the USA
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