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Order premium planters engraved with your customer’s logo!
Follow these steps to place your order:

1. Select the style and quantity of planters (Need a custom size planter? Big order? Call or email us so we can help with a custom quote.)
2. Download the layout form for the chosen style
3. Mock-up the design layout for customer approval
4. Select the body color
5. Upload the vector file of your customer’s logo
6. Upload the customer approved layout form
7. Input the logo color format and the corresponding codes
8. Fill out the contact and shipping information
9. Submit the form!

Our Sales Team can help with any questions you may have

17″ X 46″ X 19″ Tall X 2.5″ Thick

18″ X 23″ X 30″ Tall X 2.5″ Thick

For assistance placing your order.
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