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Planters are the easiest way to give life to your dull garden. But when you live in California, a state with diverse climate, you think twice about placing planters in garden over the fears of damage. But fret not because Poly-Stone Planters has a solution now, in the form of products that can last years while withstanding changing weather conditions.

At Poly-Stone Planters, we are determined to provide the best garden planters to our clients in California. Our products can overcome any problem that other planters succumb against. We provide planters with EPS insulated core (to protect roots from temperature fluctuations), standard drainage holes & exit channels, and UV protection coat.

We have environment friendly planters, as we don’t use any harmful solvents in our Poly-Stone material. When it comes to durability, our products are mold, mildew, stain and sea salt spray resistant. Our low bowl and other planters can withstand changing California weather. They can withstand year round outdoor exposure and temperature too, ranging from -30° up to +150° F.

Our planters resemble stone or concrete but they are without the weight or cracks. You can place planters in garden and enhance the aesthetic of your property without worrying about them cracking, becoming brittle and breaking down.

You can also contact us for custom garden planters in CA. Call at 913-980-0255.


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