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Creative Ways To Use Potted Plants On Commercial Properties

Creative Ways to Use Potted Plants on Commercial Properties

Many commercial properties lack space for landscaping. To make up for that, designers and property managers turn to planters to incorporate some plants into a space. Tall, large planters, in particular, work as a good alternative to landscaping on commercial properties.

Five Ways to Use Tall and Large Planters in Commercial Spaces

Our landscaping experts at PolyStone Planters share simple ways to use big containers in commercial spaces:

1. Make a Statement

Potted plants are not only eye-catching; they also make indoor and outdoor spaces more inviting. In a pool area or patio, for example, planters help break up the monotony of dull, concrete walls. You can use them to set the ambiance or express your brand’s personality. Oversized, traditional planters brimming with manicured plantings speak opulence, while tall, cylindrical urns with trailing foliage bring architectural drama.

2. Frame an Entrance

One way to bring foot traffic to your property is to put impressive planters with bright, eye-catching foliage in your property’s entryway. You can use plants to flank staircases or frame window display to draw attention to the space. If your establishment sits along a crowded sidewalk, a freestanding flower pot or simple topiary could capture interest, and potentially encourage customers to enter your building.

3. Spruce Up Your Lobby

Big spaces need big planters. If your lobby has tall ceilings and an open layout, a small planter will easily get lost amid a sea of people or worse, create a safety hazard. Achieve proper scale and proportion in your interiors by incorporating big planters, ideally in shapes that make sense to the overall design. Planters can also be used to direct traffic to a specific area, say a hotel’s front desk or waiting lounge.

4. Grow Trees

Trees and large containers are always a great combination. There’s an endless list of trees that do well in containers, like citrus, palms, and small-leaved privets, just to name a few. To add texture and color, introduce other plants into the container. The rule of thumb is to have a thriller, which is the tree and spillers or plants that cascade over the sides of the pot. Following this formula will result in a lush and interesting display that guests will enjoy.

5. Make a Barrier

Large planters offer an easy, low-cost way to make a decorative barrier. Whether you’re looking to turn a vacant corner into a private courtyard or deter foot traffic from an unwanted area, opt for oversized planters. If the goal is to enhance privacy and screen out unwanted noise, consider plants that grow quickly and have dense foliage, such as bamboo and broad-leaved trees.

Like landscaping, container planting offers many opportunities to get creative. In some cases, planters provide more design freedom, since they require less space and maintenance compared to fixed green spaces.  With our lightweight planters, you’re free to rearrange them if you’re not happy with the outcome or transfer them in an area where they’ll stand out better.

Find the perfect planters for your property with our help. Get in touch with PolyStone Planters today or click below to visit our online store.

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