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Lightweight, Incredibly Durable Garden Planters

Our garden planters that look like real cast stone!

Now you can have the beauty of real stone garden planters without the back-breaking weight. PolyStone Planters are tough, UV protected and weatherproof so they will last for decades. With every planter purchase, you’ll have peace-of-mind with our full 10-year warranty. Choose from five elegant designs and six designer colors. We can also paint our planters to match any Sherwin-Williams paint color, just tell us your four-digit paint code!
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Featured Planters

Easy to Grow Plants for Commercial Landscaping

Maintaining your commercial landscaping can sometimes be a pretty big undertaking. Here are some low-maintenance, easy to grow perennial plants you can incorporate into your landscaping design.
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The Best Lightweight Planters for Your Project

Lightweight planters are becoming the go-to choice for landscaping projects across the country because of their aesthetic, and durability.
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How Do You Protect Your Plants During Winter?

Winter weather is right around the corner. Find out how to prepare your plants for the first frost and chilly temperatures.
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Build an Urban Oasis on Your Rooftop

Creating a lovely urban green space is a great way to provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Learn how to create your urban oasis!
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What Poly Stone Planters™ Customers are Saying

We Dig Custom Planters

Need a custom size or color? How about a company name, logo or address? We offer a complete turnkey for custom planters. Just submit your outside measurements, and we will provide a drawing and color sample. We can match any Sherwin-Williams paint color, just send your four-digit paint code and leave the rest to us! Once approved your project will be in production within a 2-4 week period including delivery.


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