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Customizing Your PolyStone Planter™

Customizing Your PolyStone Planter™

One thing that just about any establishment could use is more plants. Plants can offer a natural element to your space and have actually been proven to make people feel happier! The planters you use are even more important; they can either make or break the plant atmosphere for you and your customers. PolyStone Planters™ are attractive, versatile, and provide all-around ease of use. These planters also offer the benefit of longevity—they can practically grow alongside your business! You can customize your planter to coincide with your company. See how a PolyStone Planter can rev up your branding and add some fauna to your establishment.

Customize the Color of Your PolyStone Planter

We offer multiple color options for each of our planters, but maybe they just aren’t the exact color you’re looking for. Well, we also have access to every Sherwin-Williams paint color, to make sure your planter is precisely the color you need it to be, just find the four-digit number for the color you want, and include that with your order! Further, if your business or hotel experiences a change in branding, you can easily repaint your planter to match it. These planters really do offer unmatched versatility.

Order a Logo for Your Planter

One unique feature of PolyStone Planters is that you can order one-or ten-with your company’s logo; this is something you won’t find when purchasing traditional concrete planters. This is a fantastic branding technique, especially considering how long these planters last.

Imagine your office building or hotel with a couple of these planters outside, catching the attention of potential customers and cementing your brand in their memory with your logo.

Longevity and PolyStone Planters

No matter how you choose to customize your planter, you’re going to need one that lasts—one that stands up to things most other planters won’t, and maintains its appearance. You will find all of these features in our planters.

Our planters possess a range of safeguards against harmful weather conditions. Coated for protection against UV rays, you don’t have to think twice about setting your planters out in the sun.

Further, PolyStone Planters are mold, stain, and mildew-resistant, making them practical for just about any environment. And let’s not forget the incredible insulation offered by these long-lasting planters! They can thrive in temperatures from -30° F to 150° F, with their EPS-insulted core.

Ease of Use

Sometimes when renovating your establishment’s look, you find that you want things moved around. When thinking about typical concrete planters, this may sound like heavy-duty work—because it will be. However, the hassle of moving heavy concrete from one place to another is one more thing you don’t have to worry about when you choose our planters. These planters are lightweight, making them so easy to move… and move… and move until you’ve found just the right spot!

Essentially, our planters are designed for your convenience in every way possible. We go a step further to make sure that your planters are customized to fit your company’s aesthetic.

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