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Do-It-Yourself Hanging Planter Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home

Do-It-Yourself Hanging Planter Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

Looking for an easy way to breathe new life to a drab, lifeless space?

Try hanging planters. A hanging flower planter is a beautiful way to add some color to any room, while succulents in square outdoor planters can add character to the space. And the good news is, you can make beautiful offbeat planters from old, unused items lying around the home.

DIY Hanging Planter Ideas

PolyStone Planters lists ideas for unique custom planters that you can do yourself:

Hanging Terrarium

Create a hanging terrarium planter that is perfect for keeping indoors. For terrariums, it’s best to use a container or jar with a wide mouth such as a fishbowl. Choose small pants, so they fit your jar perfectly without touching the sides. You also want plants that will grow despite a humid environment – so it’s best to steer clear of most succulents and cactus. Instead, consider including small ferns, Creeping fig, Lucky Bamboo, Prayer Plant, zebra plant, and club moss.

If your heart is set on using succulents, you will need to make a topless terrarium and include clean, coarse sand into your potting mix.

Hanging Cage Planter

hanging-planter-exteriorCreate a garden that looks like it came straight out of a fairytale. Make a hanging planter out of old birdcages to create a magical, whimsical effect.

You can find old birdcages at thrift stores, often at inexpensive prices. Don’t worry about mars and dents – the “damage” only adds to the cage’s rustic charm. Then, fill the cage with your favorite plants. Flowering plants are a popular option, but succulents and crawling plants also work great. To hang your cage planter, you can use cotton or jute rope.

Tiered Planters

Several lightweight planters in different sizes and some paint are all you need to create lovely tiered planters. Place a big planter at the base and mount smaller ones higher up the wall. Create interesting tiers by placing the bigger planters near the base and the smaller ones up on top. You may also start with a rectangular base and mount small round and half-circle planters higher up the wall.

You can find the perfect base planter for this project at PolyStone Planters™. We recommend the Low Square planter, which looks like real stone, but minus the weight. It also comes in three sleek colors – perfect for modern or minimalistic homes! Meanwhile, our Cozumel Column Planter is available in a variety of bolder hues, for homeowners who want to add a pop of color to their spaces.

Start Your Custom Hanging Planter Project

Ready to begin your DIY planter project? Visit PolyStone Planters for a selection of stylish garden planters. Our planters are made from an industrial polymer resin and high-quality architectural foam, so they mimic the look and feel of real stone, but without the backbreaking weight.

Our planters are not only perfect for use in backyards. They also add character to pool sides, courtyards, and hotel lobbies – basically any space you’d like to take from drab to fab!

Browse our shop page for trendy, lightweight, and incredibly durable planter boxes. Unsure of which planter box to get? Call us at 913-296-8470 – we’ll be happy to help you pick the right planter for your project!

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