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Garden Designs To Enhance Your Outdoor Space In 2019

Garden Designs to Enhance Your Outdoor Space in 2019

Improving your outdoor space is an excellent choice for an investment. Backyard patio installation, for example, allows you to recoup 47.6 percent of the project cost. Updating your garden design also gives you a livable outdoor space, a place for entertaining guests, and a source of fresh produce.

A beautiful, healthy garden not only enhances the aesthetic of your backyard. It also benefits your overall health by allowing you to be physically active. It’s a perfect opportunity to bend and stretch your body while planting beautiful flowers, herbs, and other vegetation. Also, growing fruits and vegetables gives you access to fresh ingredients you can serve to your family.

Take care that your beautiful garden creates a space that provides relaxation, happiness, and health. Here are some design trends to inspire you to make your garden bloom this year.

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space: Top Garden Designs for 2019

Although some gardening styles and techniques don’t go out of style, certain landscaping practices, garden accents, and plant varieties outshine others in a particular year. The list for 2019 is all about lowering costs and being sustainable.

A Low-Maintenance Space

An untidy garden is an eyesore. But you likely don’t have enough time to tend to the entirety of your garden if you lead a busy lifestyle. Keeping a low-maintenance garden gives you a green space that stays neat with less effort.

To achieve this, grow more perennial plants that come back each year. They are easier to manage if you group them together based on their watering needs. Invest in durable, lightweight planters and hardscaping material, too. They don’t require frequent repairs, need minimal cleaning, and last.

Incorporate Food into the Garden


Thirty percent of households now almost exclusively consume organic food. Naturally grown crops are healthier, tastier, and more nutritious, after all. Fortunately, you don’t need acres of land to enjoy organic food. You can grow some of them right in your backyard.

Start by growing herbs and spices in stylish planters and place them on your porch or near your kitchen window. Ask your local nursery for other edible plants that fit your current garden layout.

A Staycation Spot

A smart garden design saves you money. Create a backyard that makes you feel you’re on a vacation, so you don’t have to book a flight to some faraway destination. Entertain your guests with music by setting up a waterproof speaker outside. A fire feature also adds interest to your backyard where you and your guests can enjoy an intimate evening.

Make it more livable by having an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor furniture like tables and lounge chairs also enhance your outdoor space. Arrange them in a place where you can move them around.

PolyStone Planters provides lightweight planters that are perfect for various types of gardens, from small, low-maintenance ones, to traditional sprawling backyards. Our collection feature pieces that are UV protected and weatherproof so you can be sure they last longer. We have pieces in different sizes, shapes, and colors to match your garden aesthetic, too.

Visit our online store to find the right planter for your garden.

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