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Get Inspired By These Awesome Award-Winning Gardens

Get Inspired By These Awesome Award-Winning Gardens

Whether you’re embarking on a big landscaping project or simply thinking of greening up a space, the world has no shortage of ideas. A stroll in the community garden or a quick internet search will give you loads of inspiration on how to organize a plot, choose plantings, play with palettes, and keep the garden alive.

Take Inspiration from these Award-Winning Gardens


A world of options can overwhelm you at times. It pays to narrow down your search to save time and get the project going as soon as possible. And what can be better sources of design insights than award-winning gardens? Check out our selection of acclaimed gardens that will make you stop searching and start digging.

The Magic Garden by Robert Myers MSGD

The garden can be full of surprises, with every corner revealing something new, stimulating the brain to keep exploring. That’s exactly what The Magic Garden in Hampton Court Palace is about – a space where you can both relax and have fun, to pause and to tickle your imagination. Not surprisingly, it won the Public & Commercial Outdoor Space Award given by The Society of

Garden Designers in 2017

The garden features clean hedges, native and exotic plantings, and well-trimmed grass, sprinkled with a host of mythical objects, like towers and sculptures in and around the plot. If you’re looking to create a stimulating space, be it in your backyard or place of business, the “playable landscape” concept is a great source of ideas.

The trick is to create nooks throughout the garden, with each spot having a unique, stimulating feature, like a work of art or a waterfall. Use tall shrubs, trees, hedges, or arches to define borders and create secret pathways. Set up trellises with climbers to create a secluded corner for rest and reflection. The key is to incorporate permanent structures that encourage people to stay in the garden, soak in its many wonderful features, and engage all the senses.

Oasis in the Sky by Tony Woods MSGD

Winner of the SGD 2019 Award for the Rooftop Garden category is a modern oasis set in the heart of the city designed by Tony Woods MSGD of the Garden Club London. The garden features a warm color palette, a spacious and functional deck and al fresco area, and sleek paving. There’s a play of shape and texture, emphasized by the choice of plantings and a mix of rectangular raised beds and round planters. The result is a gorgeous rooftop designed to withstand challenging conditions, with the London skyline in the backdrop.

If you want an urban oasis like this one, the key is in the materials, planting, and details. You’d want to have planters, decking material, and seating that are sturdy enough to stand against the elements. You’d want to stick to plants that can thrive in full sun exposure and high altitudes. Take note of the spatial arrangement, as well. With small spaces like rooftops, you’d want to make sure everything is well-proportioned, so the elements in the garden and the skyline don’t overwhelm.

Whether you’re designing a private courtyard or sprawling landscape, seek inspiration and practical tips from seasoned designers. They know what works and how to bring out the potential in each space. If you need more guidance with your gardening or landscaping project, our experts at PolyStone Planters can help. Take a look at our selection of durable, lightweight planters or customize your own!

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