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Living Large: Great Ideas For Using Big Planters

Living Large: Great Ideas for Using Big Planters

While it has always been a beloved hobby for a select few, gardening has now become trendy. Plants are now all over Instagram pages and Pinterest boards, and more and more people are giving gardening a try.

According to the annual National Gardening Survey, American households are gardening more than before (77%) and that these gardeners are younger than ever. According to the said study, 18-35-year-olds occupy 29% of these gardening households.

From buying a single, little piece of succulent or a house plant, these young plant lovers are slowly moving into a full range of gardening activities. However, not everyone has the space in their homes to start a full and lush garden, especially for those living in an urban setting. Thankfully, there’s always the option of container gardening.

Ideal for those with little to no garden space or for those who have already run out, container gardening is the practice of growing plants in containers called ‘planters’ instead of digging into the ground. Using planters also reduces the risk of possible soil-borne diseases, weed problems, and allow gardeners to have more control in relocating their plants for sun exposure and temperature.

These days, you can find different kinds of pots and planters in various sizes, forms, and materials such as concrete, fiberglass, ceramic, and wood. And when it comes to big planters, there are even more choices to choose from and different ways you can use them for.

Whether you are a beginner or already on your way to being a master gardener, here are some creative ideas for using your big planters.

Frame the entrance of your home with large square planters

Planters as outdoor decorations

First impressions last and placing an eye-catching plant in the entrance of your home will give it an inviting and welcoming feel. Large square planters, more specifically a column planter, will work perfectly to frame the entrance of your home by lending instant color and providing a focal point for your visitors before they step in.

Decorate your study or work area with large hanging planters

Numerous scientific studies have shown that incorporating greenery in your workspace can provide benefits for your work process. Adding plants in your work area can help reduce stress, increase productivity, and boost creativity.  If you’re looking to add décor in your work area at home, an indoor plant is your best bet.

Placing large hanging planters in the corners of your work area will instantly draw your eye up and help fill space. Arrowhead Plant, Air Plant, English Ivy, and Boston fern are just a few kinds of plants that will work best in a hanging planter.

Grow trees with your large concrete planters

When done right, trees can grow exceptionally well in extra-large planters. In fact, planting trees in containers has become popular for areas and homes that want to add greenery but have limited outside space. Just because you don’t have a huge backyard doesn’t mean that growing a tree is impossible for you. A little porch or balcony can easily be the home of your tree, just make sure that you choose a large and suitable planter for it.

No extra space in your home doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s no room for more plants. When done right, big planters can work perfectly even in small places. Get in touch with us at PolyStone Planters and we’ll help you find the right planters for your plants to stand out in your space.

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