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Survive A Heat Wave: Summer Gardening Tips For Plants And Flowers

Survive a Heat Wave: Summer Gardening Tips for Plants and Flowers

Gardening in the summer can and should be a pleasure. But with the rising temperature, scorching sun, and an abundance of pests and diseases, it can actually be quite a challenging season for gardeners. Spring brings with it a lovely time when most plants and flowers blossom but summer is a time when you’ll have to be careful to extend as much care and protection to your garden.

Your Summer Gardening Tips to Keep Plants and Flowers Beautiful

Here are simple ways you can make sure that your garden survives and even thrives in during this season:

Water your plants with the right amount at the right time

As the temperature becomes warmer and drier every day, your plants need more hydration. The intense sunshine quickly dries out your plants’ soil which means you will need to water your plants more often in this season. However, keep in mind that over-watering is just as harmful as under-watering for your plants so make sure to water carefully.

Watering your plants at night may sound like a good idea, but watering in the evening should actually be avoided since the warmth and moisture may result in fungus growth. Watering in the afternoon when it’s the hottest is just as bad. The soil will quickly soak up the water, leaving less for the plants. It is still always best to water your plants in the morning.

Add some shade

Invest in a garden shade to protect your plants from getting overwhelmed by the summer sunshine. Too much direct sunlight is harmful to your plants and soil so it’s important to keep them protected, especially during this season.

Shade covers for your garden should be lightweight and in colors that reflect light.  There is no need to purchase one, as any kind of shade such as old sheets can be used. Make sure that the shade is placed a few feet away from your plants for airflow.

Choose plants wisely

summer-garden-flowersThe key to a successful garden in the summer is to make sure you plant crops that can handle the summer temperature. While some plants simply won’t survive in this heat, there are some that will thrive.

Plants such as Lantana, Zinnia, Pentas and Egyptian Star Cluster are heat-tolerant plants of the extreme heat and harsh sunlight. While these plants are genetically built to survive the summer heat, they still need enough shade and water. If you want to add these seasonal plants to your garden this summer, getting custom planters is a good idea to separate them from the rest of your plants.

Keep up to date on the weather

A dedicated gardener needs to keep tabs on the weather. Knowing the days when there will be an intense heatwave will give you ample time to prepare in protecting your garden during the hottest days.

In gardening, every season comes with a challenge but summer is deceptively dangerous. Give your garden utmost care with custom lightweight garden planters from PolyStone Planters. Our custom planters can withstand the hottest temperatures and any environmental conditions. Contact us today and let’s make the most out of your garden experience.

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