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Lightweight Square Outdoor Planters

At PolyStone Planters™, we offer a selection of stylish square garden planters perfect for backyards, hotel lobbies, courtyards, and pool sides. Made from high-quality architectural foam and an industrial polymer resin, our square planters have the look and feel of real stone without the weight.

Lightweight, Easy-to-Move Planters

Planter boxes made from concrete or wood materials aren’t easy to lift and move. Choosing such planters can bring mobility and convenience issues to your project. On the flip side, our square planters are lightweight. You can move them around to see where they fit best in your new garden or landscaping design.

Modern, Elegant Designs

Our square outdoor planters can make grasses and summer flowers stand out. But, we give you the freedom to choose the style that best suits the existing or renewed look of your exterior landscape. Simply select from our five impressive designs and six designer colors. We can paint your planters to match any Sherwin-Williams paint color; just tell us your four-digit paint code.

Long-Lasting, Mold and Stain-Resistant

Our square planters have a tough outer shell that will never crack or peel. Inside, our planters feature EPS-insulated cores that keep your plants safe during drastic temperature changes. These products are also UV-protected, and mold and stain-resistant. You won’t have to worry about changing planters each year, as our products last for decades.
We stand behind the quality of our products. In fact, each of our square planters comes with a 10-year full replacement/repair warranty. In case you into an issue, you can count on us to fix the problem right away.
For lightweight, trendy, and incredibly durable square planter boxes, PolyStone Planters™ is a name you can trust. Browse through our selection today. Or, contact us for more details.
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