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The Power Of Plants: Ways Gardening Can Reduce Stress

The Power of Plants: Ways Gardening Can Reduce Stress

When we talk about ways of personal healing, one of the first things that come to mind is therapy. We imagine a patient lying down in a therapist’s couch talking about life events, or maybe a session of a group therapy where a number of people form a circle and take turns in sharing painful life moments. These traditional ways can be immensely helpful for life-altering issues and only if you’re comfortable talking about a traumatic part of your life.

However, if you’re trying to recover from stress and you need a healthy and relaxing activity that can clear your mind and boost your mood, gardening might be the answer. Nature has always been known for its relaxing qualities. And while we all know how gardening benefits the environment and beautifies your home, the process of planting seeds, regularly taking care of them and helping them grow has also proven to be beneficial for the gardeners.

According to the American Horticultural Therapy Association, horticultural therapy is a time-proven and evidence-based process of using gardening for personal healing and rehabilitation. A trained horticultural therapist can produce customized activities and programs for healing. But simply growing and taking care of plants in your own garden is also proven to have mental health benefits as well.

Gives a sense of responsibility

For people suffering from mental health problems, thoughts about having no purpose in life is common. The responsibility that comes with gardening can help lessen these thoughts. Being able to contribute to nature and looking after a living thing can be cathartic for people who feel lost in life. Moreover, this activity can boost confidence. There’s a rewarding feeling that comes with watching a seed you planted blossom into a beautiful plant. Knowing that they helped contribute to that growth can improve self-esteem and give these people a sense of serious responsibility.

A positive escape

It may be hard to believe but a simple activity such as watering indoor plants or planting seeds in a concrete square planter in your garden has been proven to cause a decrease in the levels of stress hormone ‘cortisol’ which controls mood and memory. A research paper by gardening experts Bakker found that 88% of people agreed that spending time in their garden benefits their mental well-being.

Rewarding feeling

gardening has a great reliefLooking after plants and helping them grow can be one of the most rewarding hobbies. Gardening requires a lot of time and effort, and witnessing the fruits of your labor leads to a sense of accomplishment. This activity can motivate people to believe in their capabilities and the achievement that comes with it can be life-changing.

Being around nature has always provided most people with peace and tranquility. But getting involved with it and actually contributing to it can be a way towards healing.

Cope with stress through starting a garden with PolyStone Planters

If you find that stress has been taking over your life, maybe it’s time to find a healthy and relaxing outlet that will help you release that stress. Start your gardening journey with PolyStone Planters’ wide selection of square concrete planters. Contact us today.

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