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Grow More In Less Space: Vertical Gardening Ideas For Urban Dwellers

Grow More in Less Space: Vertical Gardening Ideas for Urban Dwellers

Gardening is a challenge for city dwellers because of the lack of tillable soil. Luckily, a new trend climbing in popularity solves this problem: vertical gardening. This method is designed specifically for urban spaces. A trellis, fence, wall, or any similar structure supports the garden, so the plants grow upward instead of on the ground.

Vertical gardens are ideal for herbs, flowers, vegetables, succulents, ferns, and other plants that don’t need plenty of soil or water to survive. This type of garden has plenty of benefits, from providing food, improving your mood, and possibly filtering the air in your home.

Upward gardens lend themselves well to customization, adding aesthetic value to your house. Other than the usual terracotta pots and large, lightweight square planters, you can upcycle a variety of materials, such as tin cans, pockets, shoe storage bags, plastic bottles, old pallets, and others.

One of the more popular vertical gardening method is the living wall garden.

Living Wall

Living wall plants can be as compact or as big as you want, perfect for homes with limited space. Living wall systems are usually available in a kit, so you can install it yourself. The kit contains a tray to hold the fertilizer and plants, a metal frame to hoist the system on a wall, a top panel to prevent the content from falling, and necessary hardware like screws and bolts.

Some kits come with a built-in irrigation system, but you can also choose to water the plants yourself. But wall gardens usually don’t need plenty of water. The key in cultivating a healthy living wall is to pick the right plants. Choose those that don’t require plenty of water and sunlight and can thrive in contained spaces.

One crucial step before installing your living wall system is to waterproof the wall. A water-resistant membrane or panel will protect the wall from structural damage. A more DIY-friendly option than the living wall garden is a stacked or tiered garden.

Stacked or Tiered Garden

You can dedicate a small space on your porch, rooftop, or balcony for a stacked or tiered garden. This is a more affordable option compared to the living wall garden since you can use recycled pots and planters.

For a stacked garden, you need planters increasing in size so that you can pile them on top of the other and still have enough space for the plants. You’ll also need rocks for drainage and fillers. The largest pot is too deep to fill all the way with soil; the stones take up space and provide room for water flow. Stones also stabilize the upper stacks and prevent them from toppling over in extreme weather conditions or accidents.

You can upcycle your old dresser to build a stacked garden instead of using planters. Pull out the drawers in different lengths to create a cascading effect.

A tiered garden follows the principles of making a raised bed. But this method produces more vegetables than the traditional garden bed. The vertical separation between the tiers lessens competition for roots. Plant large vegetables like lettuce or kale on the bottommost planter, medium-sized ones in the middle pot, and herbs on the top tier. This prevents the small plants from getting shaded by the bigger ones.

Compared to the living wall, stacked, and tiered garden, a hanging garden can be the most cost-friendly method to vertical gardening.

Hanging Garden

You can use various materials to suspend plants, including plastic bottles, an old shoe bag, tin cans, and even rain gutters. The only downside is you likely won’t be able to grow large plants in these items. Stick to smaller plants, such as herbs and flowering plants.

Large, hanging planters can accommodate bigger plants if you’re keen on creating a suspended vegetable garden. Make sure their lightweight and that you use sturdy hoists.

Ready to begin your vertical garden project? Then you’ll need the right planters.

Start Your Custom Vertical Garden Project

Garden with colorful flowersPolyStone Planters offers a range of durable but stylish garden planters. The wide selection will accommodate your taste and needs, whether it’s for a hanging, tiered, or stacked garden.

Browse our shop page for lightweight, trendy planter boxes. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help you pick the right planter for your ideal vertical garden.

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